July 8, 2019, Gorkha

Humanitarian Accountability Monitoring Initiative (HAMI) organized policy dialogue on “Post-quake Reconstruction Process: Existing Status and Issues” on July 8, 2019 in Gorkha. The program was organized in collaboration with Human Rights Alliance. Representatives from National Reconstruction Authority Gorkha and level governments; human rights activists, political leaders, CSO and non-governmental organization representatives, journalists, earthquake-affected people were present in the program. In the program, Bidur Subedi, HAMI shared overall objective of the initiative of HAMI through policy dialogue as it has been one of the major means for ensuring accountability of concerned stakeholders in the reconstruction process by reflecting social justice based reconstruction. Hari Ram Upreti, INSEC presented a paper concerning with reconstruction progress and emerging issues. The paper on ‘post-quake reconstruction process: existing status and issues in Gorkha district’ covered effects of April 2015 earthquake in Gorkha; key data regarding reconstruction progress status, issues (challenges and gaps) that have been observed in the district. It also included way forward as recommendations specifically asserting revision in policy and collaboration of all the stakeholders in the reconstruction.

The chief guest of the program, Ashok Gurung, District Coordination Committee, Gorkha asserted that all the affected families have to receive the support as assured by the state. DCC is always ready for carrying out necessary coordination with all the stakeholders and raised issues to be submitted to policy makers so that timely reconstruction could be made. Raj Nath Khanal, Mayor of Gorkha Municipality considered that meaningful collaboration among all the stakeholders; specifically, NRA and local units are essential for concluding the reconstruction on time. He also reminded the need of essential support from non-government sector as it has been since in the past. Nanda Prasad Neupane, Nepali Congress, Gorkha asserted that apart from physical construction, social, cultural aspects have to be prioritized in this reconstruction. Livelihood has not been that much prioritized. Policy hurdles are felt in the reconstruction as it has been lengthy in process; hence, immediate revision is necessary. He assured that his party is always ready for providing necessary support in the process. In the program, Ram Sharan Acharya, National Reconstruction Authority, Gorkha addressed the quires raised in the program regarding the status reconstruction in the district and role of NRA, Gorkha. Other participants also shared their observation and views with regards to reconstruction progress status, observed policy gaps, and other relevant issues were discussed in the program. In the program, Rishi Khana, Human Right Alliance Gorkha and Chairperson of the program assured that all the raised issues will be presented to the policy makers with the aim of making the reconstruction more effective.