April 22, 2018, Kathmandu,

‘Agency Mapping Workshop and Lunching the Stories of Rebuilding’ was organized by Humanitarian Accountability Monitoring Initiative (HAMI) on April 22, 2018, marking the 3rd year of April 25th Earthquake, The program was aimed for identifying issues, priorities and methodology for agency mapping concerning with different international, national, local organizations, private sector and other major stakeholders contributing in reconstruction and recovery in earthquake affected districts of Nepal. The program was chaired by Min Bahadur Shahi, Convener of HAMI and moderated by Rem Bahadur BK, Member Secretary of HAMI.

Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada, technical advisor of HAMI (General Secretary of Human Rights Alliance), presented relevant campaigns and activities that were initiated and led by HAMI in reconstruction aiming to make the concerned authorities in accountable in reconstruction. Similarly, concerning with ‘who is doing what as well as who got what among the affected communities’ with a fact sheet of reconstruction progress, prepared draft of Agency Mapping was presented by Bidur Subedi on behalf of HAMI. It covered that status of reconstruction pointing out the gaps and challenges resulting slow reconstruction process.

After that, Nishant from Alankar and Nabin Silwal, Tanneri Chaso presented documentaries reflecting the stories of the reconstruction from the field including the voices of the affected people. They also raised the issues that have been prevalent in communities. Additionally, participants representing different national and international organizations shared their experiences, views in the discussion/interaction session in the program.

The program was able to raise the issues regarding general information about countries, agencies, donors, government, private sectors contributing in the reconstruction process so that contribution status of countries, agencies, donors, government, private sectors in particular areas could be specified.